My grandpa said to me, ‘Igazeuma — Safe Journey.’

We are on all on a journey and we need to understand that our paths or destinies are different.

We are here facing each day with wisdom and fortitude. We are here moving at our own pace because this journey called life is for us to explore and enjoy. We are here trying to figure things out and that’s okay. We are still alive.

This journey called life involves discipline. It involves taking risks – leaping into the unknown. This journey called life involves pain and joy. You find yourself travelling the lands of silence but I am here to tell that that you will arrive and thrive.

You will find yourself!!🌱🌱

Have your learned the power of pause? I and many others are learning the power of pause. The power of slowing down to either surrender or make space to honour my decision and then nurture that space until the intention becomes self-actualized. The ability to pause is important. It can build or break the outcome you are aiming for.

Don’t let anyone put unnecessary pressure on you to accomplish things at their own time frame. Knowing your own season/time will give you perspective on your journey. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Know your own clock. There is a time to wait, and a time to move. There is a time to sow, and a time to reap.

Some Momentswithbren purpose-driven guides:

1. Your journey is all about personal decision-making, goal-setting and living an intentional life. There are things you can’t change but with the proper use of your adaptability and management skills, things can be a lot easier. If I cannot change it, I should be able to manage it (e.g. life situations and job/scholarship rejections emails).

2. Remind yourself that things can become better or worse and perspective changes everything in life. Before you change your outer world, start by changing your inner world. Each day comes with it’s own evil including the good/positive events we might experience. Always be prepared to face life. Each day has its peculiar trials: we should meet them with confidence and courage. Evil and good are attached to each day and if you don’t acknowledge this truth, you will not know how to courageously deal with life.

3. Focus on mindful breathing.

Mindful breathing is a tremendously powerful practice. Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit or lie down. Mindful breathing gives you a higher sense of wellbeing, greater emotional balance and a calmer state of mind. This has helped me a lot.

4. Learn to pause.

By taking a brief pause, you can respond over react. It will help you stay centered in more situations and respond more effectively.

Ask yourself — am I reacting or responding before reflecting?

Reacting is instinctual. Responding is a conscious choice.

5. Find your Why.

By finding your why, you simplify your life down to a driving purpose or intentional living. Finding and understanding your why gives you a simple way to prioritize and evaluate what you will spend your time or your energy on.

6. Go find and friend yourself.

Make time for yourself. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Show gratitude to yourself. Buy good things for yourself. Treat yourself well and be your own encourager, promoter, cheerleader and coach. Be kind to yourself.

7. Keeping a gratitude journal for yourself.

Your personal gratitude journal helps pull you away from the stress of the day or what I call CRISIS ENERGY. Find strategies to covery crisis energy into creative energy.

Reflecting and appreciating yourself also forces you to appreciate life as it comes and find the good in your existence.

8. Make a map of what’s important to your well-being (finance, social life, career, education, family, relationship, and business). This will add clarity of purpose for your mind and a place to focus your thoughts. Map out your priorities & outcomes. Think Big Lead Now!

9. Reset your mental model.

Design and implement your own LMC (life model canvas). Ask yourself, “Who do you want to be?” and “What experiences do you want to create?” Move from complaining to creating mindset. You either complain about, consume or create things.

10. You don’t have to respond to everything people say to you or post on social media. You don’t have to accommodate the foolishness of anyone. Sometimes it pays to excuse yourself from negativity and unplug from the noisy world or people around you. Create your own peace.

11. Take away the threat or 'dis-ease' in your life.

What or who is threatening your peace of mind? It could even be you (check your toxic behaviours and unfuck yourself). Say yes-please to people or things or activities that will make you grow & flourish. Shine, Don’t Shrink!

  • Reclaim your confidence and block the noise from the world.
  • Rise up and stand tall.
  • Live with wisdom and discipline.
  • Be prepared for challenges and change.
  • Put on the breastplate of courage.
  • Keep your mind and eyes open.
  • Write your own template of what, where, when, and how you intend to manage your life.
  • Take counsel from those who genuinely want you to grow and flourish in life.
  • Never pay attention to negative people. Don't allow them pay rent in your subconscious mind.

Shine, Don’t Shrink.

This is your season.

It's time to shine again.

It's time to rise again.

Good events will happen.

Healing is coming.

Progress will occur.

Growth will occur.

Joy is coming.

Breakthrough will happen.

We will experience confort and clarity in our lives.

Igazeuma. Safe Journey.




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