Get Paid to Write: 100 Magazines, Publications & Companies That Pay $500 or More

24 min readJul 7, 2022

These list of companies and publications in the health and fitness, internet marketing, finance and insurance, travel and hospitality, fashion, food, sexual health, legal, real estate, environment, religion, politics, parenting, lifestyle, software and technology, and education sectors pay writers. Freelance Writers are welcome to submit to any of these publications and companies. Payment rates differ from publisher to publisher and may need to be negotiated.


Freelance writing is an excellent option if you are looking for a flexible, remote job that you can do in your own time.

1. LinkedIn is the social media for businesses and professionals, and it’s a strategic venue to find remote freelance writing jobs.

2. SolidGigs

3. Upwork is basically the most popular freelancing platform out there.

4. Contently. It’s easy to start a portfolio with Contently. Showcase your work on one beautiful page, gain access to the world’s biggest brands, and get paid to do what you love.

5. JournalismJobs

6. Problogger Jobs is one of the best job boards for freelance writing jobs.

7. Verblio is a platform for people looking for freelance writing jobs online for beginners.

8. Media Bistro

9. iWriter. You’ll be assigned a standard level and as you work your way up, churn out high-quality articles consistently, and get positive reviews for clients, your tier should go up, and your pay increases as well.

10. Constant Content offers paid writing work for both seasoned and entry-level freelance writers. Constant Content is the network that connects brands and businesses with thousands of top-quality freelance writers. As a Writer, you can sell articles, marketing copy, product descriptions, blog posts, and more. You can partner with brands, agencies, and businesses who value content and copy. You can create your writer profile, tick off your writing skills, and then take a small quiz. You can start writing as soon as your account is approved.

11. BloggingPro is a fantastic platform for blog writing experts and people looking for freelance creative writing jobs.

12. Blade Magazine is about knives and knifemaking. We pay on publication. We pay $150 for shorter
stories, $250 for profiles and $300 for feature stories.

13. Guideposts accepts articles about overcoming obstacles, achieving goals and valuable life lessons learned through faith. They pay $250+ for every accepted article.

14. High Country News is an award-winning nonprofit monthly magazine with a robust website that tells the complex story of the Western United States, through coverage of its people, communities and landscapes. We pay on publication, between $0.25 and $1.50 per word, depending on the writer’s experience and our experience with the writer. Our kill fee is 25%.Essays and perspectives usually run 750–800 words, at $400 flat.

15. The Nation is a liberal political magazine. They accept submissions of political commentary as well as articles. They have a very dedicated readership. They pay $150 for commentary, and between $350 and $500 for articles. They also accept submissions of art as well as poetry. They run comments (approximately 750 words), which are brief analyses of news developments, e.g., a Supreme Court decision or a change of government in Mexico; and articles (typically 1500–2500 words), which combine reporting and analysis to provide in-depth looks at issues and investigative reports (usually 2000 to 6000 words).

16. The Sun Magazine is a beautiful magazine with a literary bent and a very loyal following. They have no ads, and they pay their writers well. Up to $2,500 for non-fiction.

17. Country Magazine is all about living the small town, rural lifestyle. They publish stories, photographs, jokes, and recipes. They feature stories and memories of country living. They pay $250 for stories that run a page or more.

18. Horizon Edition Magazine. Horizon Air is a regional airline affiliated with Alaska Air. Their magazine is largely written by freelance writers. The pay rates start at $100 for short articles, and $450 for feature stories, plus expenses.

19. Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine. Air Canada’s magazine reaches over 1 million readers a month. They have an international audience, and high expectations. They accept submissions in a variety of categories. They aim to respond to submissions within 30 days.

20. Wanderlust is a British travel magazine. They accept pitches from freelance writers. They pay £220 per 1,000 published words for feature articles. They accept submissions to their website as well as their print magazine. To suggest an idea, please email us at Please ensure that your subject line explicitly states the topic and/or destination you are proposing.

21. Hoof Beats Magazine is one of the top harness racing publications. They exclusively cover harness racing and the Standardbred industry, and freelancers are welcome to submit queries for such articles. The magazine is 70 percent freelance written. They pay $100 for departments and $500 for features.

22. Horse & Rider publishes articles on Western riding. It provides both competitive and recreational riders with information on training, care, and techniques. They accept queries for well-informed articles that discuss any aspect of horse and rider life. They pay $25 to $400 depending on length and complexity.

23. Black Belt Magazine is the United States’ oldest martial arts publication. They’re looking for educational and/or enlightening articles on the techniques, strategies, philosophies, and history of martial arts. They pay $150 to $300 for 1,000–3,000 word articles with good photos. Email your submissions to
Please be sure to include some past work or pitch ideas.

24. USDF Connection is the publication of the United States Dressage Federation. They accept queries and unsolicited submissions that cover any area of dressage or USDF programs and members. In particular, they’re looking for pieces that discuss adult amateur riding. They pay $40 to $400 depending on length and complexity.

25. The Artist’s Magazine publishes lessons, interviews, and discussions that relate to art, artists, and artistic processes. They accept snail mail queries for intriguing articles that discuss art in an engaging, knowledgeable fashion. They pay $400 to $600 for features.

26. Earth Island Journal is always looking for compelling and distinctive stories that anticipate environmental concerns before they become pressing problems — stories that scan the horizon for the next big threat to our environment. We want articles that will surprise, provoke, and entertain our readers and that explore new territory overlooked by other publications. They pay writers 25 cents/word for print stories. You can expect to earn about $750-$1000 for an in-depth feature story (about 4,000 words). For online reports, the fee is $150.
All queries, for both print and online articles, should be sent to:

27. Western Art & Architecture is the magazine for art collectors and art aficionados in the United States. They pay around $400-$600 an article.

28. American Educator is the professional journal of the American Federation of Teachers, covering research and ideas from early childhood through higher education. We are interested in a wide range of articles on curriculum and instruction; social and emotional development; the science of how students learn; the high school to college transition; history, civics, and democracy; diversifying the teaching profession and the professoriate; confronting bias in schools and on college campuses; supporting teacher professionalism and protecting academic freedom, among other educational topics and trends. We also welcome articles on international affairs and labor issues of interest to teachers and professors as AFT members.Please submit manuscripts for consideration by emailing

29. Douglas magazine is a regional business magazine that serves Southern Vancouver Island’s business community. They generally pay $0.40 cents a word. They are looking for features of 1,200 to 3,00 words in length. Are you a business or a writer with a story ideas for our magazines?

30. Longreads accepts well-written content, whether it’s a blog post, short interview, reading list, memoir or personal essay, about human experiences that readers can relate with. Essays and columns typically run between 2,000 and 6,000 words. Pieces may be longer or broken up into a series depending on the length and subject matter. Personal essays should be submitted on spec, and we pay $500 per essay. We look for smart, original angles and fresh, unique voices. Please email essay submissions, feature pitches, reading list ideas, and other queries to

31. Eating Well is a website dedicated to healthy eating, including news and trends on diet programs, green eating, studies, researches and general news. They pay up to $1 per word, and content should be between 150–400 words.

32. Money Pantry provides unique and actionable tips on making and saving money. The site prefers articles that are backed by data, as well as those that tell experiences. Pay ranges between $30 to $150 per article, deposited via PayPal.

33. ElitePersonalFinance is a highly trusted finance blog with content from some of the best in the finance sector. We are always looking for talented writers who want to share their guest posts on our site. We spend over $100,000 per year on creating high-quality content for our site. Some of this money can be for YOU!

34. The Metro Parent is a Michigan-based publication that accepts parenting articles revolving around the issues and concerns Michigan parents face. The articles can be anything about education, health and wellness, food and travel, etc. Submitted articles should be at least 50 words and no more than 2,500 words. The site pays $25 — $200 depending on the article.

35. AGNI specifically looks for writing that pushes the boundaries of accepted norms, while writing in a style that is all your own. $20 per printed page for prose, $40 per printed page for poetry, both of which have a maximum of $300.

36. VQR magazine that encourages emerging writers. Any kind of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry are considered, except for genre fiction. For poetry, we pay $200 per poem, up to 4 poems; for a suite of 5 or more poems, we usually pay $1,000.
For short fiction, we generally pay $1,000 and above.
For other prose, such as personal essays and literary criticism, we generally pay $1,000 and above, at approximately 25 cents per word, depending on length.

37. Qu Magazine
Submissions are now open and will close on August 15, 2022!
Payment Upon Publication: $100 per prose piece, $50 per poem or visual art. Contributors will also receive one copy of magazine.

38. Ploughshares publishes almost exclusively nonfiction pieces, primarily about underappreciated and overlooked writers. The Regular Reading Period is now open! This series seeks to publish essays about underappreciated or overlooked writers. The Look2 essay should take stock of a writer’s entire oeuvre with the goal of bringing critical attention to the neglected writer and his or her relevance to a contemporary audience.
They accept Look2 essay queries between June 1, 2022 and January 15, 2023.

39. Women Artists Datebook is also only open to women writers but accepts poetry and art. Specifically, they’re looking for art that creates change — pieces that challenge powerful institutions, educate, and generate activism, all with the goal of peace and justice.

40. Southampton Review
We encourage submissions from unpublished authors. We’re interested in voice-driven writing that takes risks with structure and content.

Prose: $100+
Poetry: $75 per poem
Art Portfolios: $200
Illustration: $100 per page

41. Litmag
LitMag Print: Upon acceptance, we pay $500 for full-length fiction or nonfiction (5,000+ words); $250 for fiction or nonfiction (2,500–4,999 words); $125 for a poem, a group of short poems, or a short short (flash).
LitMag Online: Upon acceptance, we pay $125.
Artwork for LitMag Print: Upon acceptance, we pay $150 for a small spread of original artwork, photographs, or cartoons, etc. Note: All artwork must be in Black & White.

42. Bennington Review allows for fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Additionally, they also publish film writing and cross genre work. The next submissions period will be from September 1, 2022 to January 9, 2023. They pay contributors $100 for prose of six typeset pages and under, $200 for prose of over six typeset pages, and $20 per poem, in addition to two copies of the issue in which the piece is published and a copy of the subsequent issue.

44. Contemporary Verse 2 accepts only online submissions for consideration. Send any questions or concerns regarding the online submission process to
Poetry: $30 per poem

Interviews: $50-$100, depending upon length

Articles: $50-$100, depending upon length

Essays: $40-$150, depending upon length

Reviews: $50-$80, depending upon length

43. One Story will accept literary fiction on any subject and any style as long as the quality is exceptional. There’s a limit of 3,000–8,000 words, and submission periods are open year-round, except for the summer.

44. CRAFT explores the art of prose, celebrating both emerging and established writers. They feature new and republished fiction and creative nonfiction, as well as critical pieces on craft, interviews, book annotations, and much more. They pay authors $100 for original flash and $200 for original short fiction and creative nonfiction.

44. Introvert Dear is an award-winning publication and the largest community for introverts on the entire web! Payment is USD $75.

45. Central Coast Journal. They pay $75 for articles published under 850-word count with artwork or photos. We pay $100 for articles over the 850-word count with artwork or photos. The material should be sent to

46. The Advocate is a student newspaper for the City University of New York graduate department. They have open and rolling contributions, and our deadlines for the forthcoming issues are March 5, April 5, and May 5. The Advocate pays $100-$120 for articles that are around 1500–2000 words, and about $150-$200 for longer essays that entail more research and labor. Other contributions like reviews and photo essays will also be compensated for at competitive rates.

47. The Barefoot Writer is one of the more popular writing-based magazines around, and has several different types of articles to inspire the reader base. We pay $100 to $300 for published articles with the fee depending on the assignment.

48. Better Humans is one of the top publications on Medium. We do everything we can to ensure that your article is seen by the widest possible Medium audience — and beyond. We want articles with smart self-improvement advice. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. (See section 4.). The best way to get accepted as a new writer on Better Humans is to do a great empathic tutorial on something that our readers actively want to do.

49. Folks is an online magazine dedicated to telling the stories of remarkable people who refuse to be defined by their health issues. Folks aims to tell narratively well-written, humanist stories about people living with chronic conditions in a way that neither reduces them to their conditions, or objectifies them. “ While our editorial goal is to highlight people with chronic conditions, we aim to do so in a way that tells the story of a person beyond the condition they are living with.” They pay $400 for essays, $600 for reported profiles, and $800 for reported features. Email The subject line should begin with “Pitch:” and contain a brief description of your pitch, including the condition you’re writing about. To learn more, read the writers’ guidelines.

50. Healing Lifestyles & Spas’ content focuses on infusing integrative spa modalities and destination spa experiences ~ healing remedies ~ integrative medicine ~ wellness and sustainable practices into our daily lives; providing tools and inspiration to live a more healthy and healing spa lifestyle. We believe that spa living is a day-to-day experience. According to Writer’s Weekly, they pay up $150-$500 for 1000–2000 words for features. You can contact the editor via Email address:

54. Brain & Life. The audience for Brain & Life® includes people with neurologic conditions and their families and caregivers as well as people interested in brain health. The publication provides accurate and important new information about advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic diseases, such as migraine, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and other disorders. In addition, the publication strives to deliver positive messages about wellness and prevention, basic research and clinical trials, and patient stories that emphasize strategies for managing neurologic disorders. Your essay should be written in a conversational style and should be limited to about 500–600 words. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

55. WritersWeekly. is one of the oldest and most respected sites on freelance writing. It has been published continuously since 1997. Writer’s Guidelines |

56. Experience Life is an award-winning whole-life health and fitness magazine dedicated to empowering people to become their healthiest selves. The magazine is published 10 times a year (January/February, March, April, May, June, July/August, September, October, November, December) and has a circulation of 650,000. If you’re new and looking to submit an article idea, please read our guidelines thoroughly and then submit your idea to, our deputy editor. Payment reports suggest that they pay $1.00 per word. Further information can be found on their writer’s guidelines page.

56. Healthline covers all facets of physical and mental health openly and objectively because we’re here for the whole person — for your whole life. To contact them, visit this page.

57. Vibrant Life is a bimonthly lifestyle magazine that promotes physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual balance from a practical, Christian perspective. Payment is made upon acceptance of your article and is based on quality of expression, accurate use of up-to-date research findings, depth, and relevance of content. Payment for articles ranges from $100 to $300. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

58. Wellbeing is an Australian publication and it is about improving the quality of your life, the lives of others and the health of the planet. Feature articles are generally 2000–2500 words. Real Life Experience articles are generally 800–1000 words.

  • Feature articles: AU$600-$700. Article length, typically, is 2000 words.
  • Travel articles: AU$750, including photographs.
  • Special reports: AU$1700.
  • Real Life Experience: AU$150. Article length, generally, is 800–1000 words.

59. Organic Lifestyle Magazine and Green Lifestyle Market are sibling publications that cover the topics of natural health and healing. They pay 10 cents per word, up to $150, plus potential social media bonuses. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

60. The Aquarian is a tabloid-size newsprint publication, published quarterly on the first week of March, June, September, and December. The newspaper is distributed free in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and beyond. Holistic health (natural, complementary, alternative) and progressive environmental, social, cultural, political and spiritual issues are The Aquarian’s major focus. Their features and interviews usually run 1500–2500 words; op-eds, 500–1500 words; and reviews, 300–800 words. Payment quotes are at the discretion of the editor in collaboration with the publisher/owner of The Aquarian. Newspaper (InPrint) article rates typically range from $25 to $50. Online article rates typically range from $10 to $25.

61. Kinnected is a stable, global, social-health platform that addresses difficult to navigate gaps in the health system, and nurtures health, heart, and peers. Their essays and interviews aim to spark a cultural shift towards collaborative healing. They pay $100 for global health practitioner profiles (interview-format Day in the Life profiles of health practitioners around the world). For details, read their submission guidelines.

62. Common Ground accepts articles on health, wellness, the environment, transformational travel and personal growth. To publish in Common Ground, please email a query first, describing the proposed article. Include its title, approximate length, and the key points it will cover. Please email article ideas to

63. Cure Today magazine brings the latest cancer updates, research and education to patients, caregivers and health care providers. CURE accepts personal experience essays from readers. Please limit your essay to 700 words, and email as a Word attachment to You will be contacted if your essay is chosen for publication.

64. They are always interested in anybody who would like to share their experience, knowledge or tips about mental health. Apart from the knowledge that you are spreading the word about mental health you can also get a biography page with links to your website as well as two links within each article you write. Note that the links must be related to the subject of the article and must be relevant to the anchor text. They will make a one off payment of $50 for any articles we publish. Payment will be made after publication. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

65. The Health Journal. Health Journal’s editorial and expert content empowers readers with knowledge of essential health topics and resources to enjoy optimum physical and emotional wellness. Baseline pay is $0.15 per word.

66. SELF magazine is a mission-driven health and wellness brand. SELF magazine is a mission-driven health and wellness brand. Fees are subject to change, but currently our rates start at $300 for a story with minimal to no reporting, and increase from there. Reported service stories start at $400; features start at $800. As a general rule, we may pay more based on the amount of reporting expected for the piece, turnaround time, and special expertise. To learn how to pitch them a story, visit this page.

67. is a nutrition, diet, and weight loss-based blog. They have open positions for regular or part-time writers who are passionate about writing. If you have good writing skills and you are also interested in food, nutrition, and blogging then we will be pleased to see and accept your work. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

  • Ultimate how to guides (3000–4000 words): $120-$180
  • Informational articles (2000–3000 words): $120
  • Product reviews (1000 words): $60

68. PT Progress is looking for writers who have the knowledge of the healthcare industry (PTs, OTs, Nurses — and even students!) and a passion for teaching through well written articles. Some of the most sought out articles on PTProgress include topics related to: specific injury treatment ideas, career advice, clinical insights, health prevention, and even health product reviews. Compensation for articles published on PTProgress is set at $60 per article. To learn more, refer to this page.

69. The Phoenix Spirit welcomes articles that help our readers explore how to improve their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. We use informational, inspirational, how-to, and personal experience stories. Select form of payment at submission: Cash payment of $100 — $150 per lead article and $35 per article (within 30 days of publication) or an extended byline of 3–4 sentences in which you can mention your classes, professional services, or products you have available. You may include two of the following: telephone, postal address, e-mail, or Web site. If your piece is for “First Person” we pay $25. Read their writer’s guidelines.

70. OC87 Recovery Diaries can be a place to share your mental health recovery story to inspire and connect you with others who might learn from your experience. They offer a $150 honorarium for accepted posts, payable upon publication. Authors are paid via check. If you are an international author in a country where payment via check from an American company is problematic, you must either have an account with a bank that will accommodate a direct wire transfer, or you must have a PayPal account in order to be paid by OC87, Inc. To learn more, visit this page.

71. Do you have a background or expertise on epigenetics and/or molecular biology? Are you a science writer or simply enthusiastic about epigenetics and lifestyle? Have an interesting piece on epigenetics you’d like to publish on this site? Submit your original content about epigenetics using the form below. Content must be exclusive to, and not any other blog or news site. Acceptance is based on the quality, originality, relevance, accuracy, and length of the content. Full writing credits will be given. Please use references/citations as needed. If the article is published, you’ll receive the following compensation, paid via PayPal* or as an digital gift card*:

  • New Author — $50 USD for the first article
  • Regular Author — $65 USD for the second article to fourth article
  • Veteran Author — $80 USD for the fifth article, and thereafter. To learn more, refer to this page.

72. Therapeutic Thymes Magazine is a quarterly magazine dedicated to promoting a more natural, therapeutic, and sustainable way of life. Monetary compensation $25 for a 500–1,000 word article and $50 for a 1,000–2,000-word article with high resolution photos. To learn more, visit this page.

73. Cancer Network content includes news, articles from the journal ONCOLOGY, blogs, Image IQs, case studies, videos, and podcasts. Have a compelling case to share? Submit cases to be posted to our Case Studies section, and we’ll send you $50. Cases must include images with descriptions and a short write-up that includes history, findings, diagnosis, and a discussion. Have a case that would work great in quiz format? Submit your case to be posted to our Image IQ section, and we’ll send you $75. Image IQs must include an image, clinical history, a question with multiple answer choices, and a discussion of the correct answer. To learn more, visit this page.

74. Patient Care explores every step of the patient experience — getting sick and getting well, preventing disease and living with it. They are always seeking good teaching cases (of up to 750 words). They pay an honorarium of $150 for a case that is accepted for online publication. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

75. Masters Review is an online and in print publication celebrating new and emerging writers. They are on the lookout for the best new talent with hopes of publishing stories from writers who will continue to produce great work. They offer critical essays, book reviews by debut authors, contest deadlines, submissions info, and interviews with established authors, all with the hopes of bridging the gap between new and established writers. The Masters Review has several ways to submit. New Voices is open year round and is available to any emerging writer. This category is always free to enter and pays up to $200 for selected stories. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

76. Textbroker offers authors several options to earn money online. Based on your content quality, our editors rate your articles between 3 and 5 stars. Since Textbroker regularly reviews and rates your articles, it is possible to continuously increase your rating and earn more for each word you write. You are your own boss!

77. If you are looking for a freelance writing job with a flexible schedule and a variety of orders to choose from, the company is for you! Other than writing skills and strong desire to make money, all you need to begin working with us is an Internet connection and a PC / laptop. With you can get up to $20 per page and earn part-time or even full-time income. Please note that you get paid twice per month; however, you need to choose the payment option first. To get more detailed information, please visit our Payments page.

78. Find Freelance Projects and Jobs on Guru — Work Your Way. Guru brings Employers and Freelancers together from around the globe to get work done.

79. SitePoint. Do you want to share your knowledge with the world and get paid to do it? SitePoint is always looking for talented writers to contribute their insights on technology. Their audience includes developers of all levels, as well as designers. We’re interested in hearing from you if you want to write about JavaScript, Python, Rust, WebAssembly, React, Figma, and Tailwind CSS. They rates start at $200 USD per article and go up from there depending on the length and depth of the article.

80. Interested in a fast-paced job where you actually get to use your degree? Are you a native speaker of English? We’re always taking applications from writers who hold terminal degrees (i.e., the highest degree attainable in your field) with at least two years of collegiate teaching experience, at least two peer-reviewed publications, and stellar writing samples. We’re not going to ask for “free” work as part of the application process (as most of our competitors do), but we must be impressed by your writing samples.

81. Goworldtravel. Go World Travel contributors come in all shapes and sizes, from seasoned travel journalists to first-time writers or even videographers. All have two things in common — a love of travel and the ability to write well. They purchase non-exclusive online rights. Payment is $30 to $40 per story/photo essay upon publication.

82. Strong Whispers offers readers a range of articles about lifestyle, environment and other social issues. Strong Whispers is a global organisation that inspires and encourages people to articulate their thoughts and ideas, however profound, to make a significant positive difference to the world, its inhabitants and its future. Article fee’s are negotiable and they are willing to pay for the right article and author. We pay $50 per published article. Get Paid to Write Articles for Us — Strong Whispers

83. Link-able. Are you a talented writer skilled at link building? Join Link-able to find link building jobs and multiply your earnings as a freelance writer. Once your work is finished, mark the job as complete and get paid. It’s as simple as that! Our authors see an average earnings amount of $382 per link they build! Build Backlinks & Earn More for Your Writing | Link-able

84. Ever since first went online in 1973, the bulk of its writing has come from regular people like you. Whether you’re a professional writer, an aspiring writer, or just looking to make some beer money, we want to hear your ideas. Click on these words to get started. Today you are paid $150 for your first four articles, and $250 for every one after that. The process, in short, goes like this: Sign up for the Cracked Comedy Workshop and carefully read the guidelines. “Pitch” your idea in the format that will be explained to you. Work with Cracked’s editors to shape the idea. If the idea is accepted, write up a draft and get paid. Brag about your accomplishment after your draft is edited and published to the front page.

85. WhatCulture has grown to cover TV, Gaming, Music, History, Science, Technology, Comics, Sport, and Literature, and become the biggest unofficial Wrestling website in the world. Their monthly audience has now surpassed the 10 million mark, and we’re reaching them through videos, podcasts, books and magazines. It is one of the busiest entertainment based websites of its kind for high-quality and informative content from expert contributors across all our different genres, topics and mediums. Several hundred articles are posted every single week from our contributors, some of which you will see from time to time on Sky News, Metro Radio, BBC Radio, Dublin FM and in the national newspapers. Create Content For and Get Paid

86. Metro Parent. Are you an organized, experienced freelance writer who wants to cover the parenting scene in southeast Michigan? Metro Parent is always looking for strong journalists who can report swiftly and accurately and write engaging, informative content — all on deadline. Pay rates vary based on length, level of reporting and writer’s experience. Metro Parent Writers Guidelines — Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

  • Features: The big ones. Two to three per issue. Styles range from traditional narrative to highly “pieced.” 1,200–2,500 words with two to four local sources. $200-plus.
  • Pulse: The short ones. Tight spotlights on local family people, places, trends and tips. 150–400 words, plus creative info boxes and photo wrangling. $40-plus.
  • Why: Informative child-development pieces on how kids tick (babies, toddlers, school-agers, tweens, teens). One to two local professional sources. 600 words. $50.
  • Voice: Strong POV/personal perspective essay from a local parent. You pitch us the topic; must be specific and sussed out. 600 words. $75-plus.
  • Profiles: Colorful pieces on a local parent (or someone who works with families or kids) who rocks. One to two sources. 800 words plus a “5 things” sidebar. $75-plus.
  • My Obsession: A 50-word blurb on something your family loves (toy, product, app, book, website, etc.). Supply a large photo. Any parent can submit. $25.
  • Tips & Tricks: A 50-word blurb on a clever hack or idea that’s been a lifesaver for your family. Any parent can submit. $25.

87. The UX Booth is a publication by and for the user experience community. Their readership consists mostly of beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers, but anyone interested in making the web a better place to be is welcome. Learn more here UX Booth.

88. Online Writing Jobs. Get paid up to $50 per article writing Web content about what interests you for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Apply as a freelance writer today and let Online Writing Jobs bring the writing work to you. Become an official Online Writing Jobs freelancer and take advantage of writing jobs that pay well and weekly. They offer variety of online website copy-writing opportunities, making it easier for writers to find freelance work online.

89. Hire Writers. If English is your first language, join today for FREE and you will have access to HUNDREDS of paid writing jobs. Clients post writing assignments and you can then accept the job and get paid when you complete it! Get paid up to $20 per article you write once you become established on

90. Money Pantry. The mission is to make personal finance something that everyday people can understand. If they publish it you’ll be paid anywhere from $30 to $150 via PayPal.

91. Get A Copywriter. Writers get paid a flat rate. Writer jobs — Get A Copywriter

92. Verblio. New writers complete short-form jobs to get started. By selling content and earning 5-star reviews, you’ll earn access to longer and higher-paying jobs. When customers purchase your content, Verblio makes sure you get paid. Invoice weekly or save up for that vacation. With no minimum or maximum invoice, you control your own success.

93. ClearVoice. Full article assignments are paid at $35 per feature and $60 for recipes; articles assigned an accompanying video are paid an additional $50. We work with both new and established writers who have previous example work. Freelance Writing Jobs Worth Your Time | ClearVoice

94. Indeed. Search for “freelance writing” in the job search, and add “remote” as the location to find online writing jobs.

95. Plum Dleuxe is about flavor, variety, shared experiences, conversation, the taste and freshness of tea, trading community in-jokes and tea puns, and about taking people from different social and economic spectrums and bringing them together with one unique interest, to create a community of people who all have one thing in common — tea. Full article assignments are paid at $35 per feature and $60 for recipes; articles assigned an accompanying video are paid an additional $50. We work with both new and established writers who have previous example work. Write for Plum Deluxe

96. Triple Curve. Triple Curve is a self described “boutique” content creation company that serves well known clients like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Roche, and OpenText from their base office in Silicon Valley, California. The pay for each project varies on a number of different factors, however, established writers with Triple Curve can earn up to $10–15 per article.

97. FundsForWriters is an online resource for writers. They focus on markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers, agents, and jobs for your writing abilities, with motivation chucked in.

98. A Fine Parent. A Fine Parent is an online community for parents who believe that Great Parents are Made, Not Born. Articles selected for publication will be paid $75 via Paypal. Please send the FULL completed article as a Google Drive document to They do not review pitches.

99. Media Shower. With Media Shower, you can focus on writing and we’ll help you:

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100. A List Apart. A List Apart (ISSN: 1534–0295) explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.




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